The key to learning English well is to not give up . But how can we stay motivated when we are frustrated or bored?

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We can try something new:

  • Add some music
  • Play scrabble
  • Learn with YouTube Channels, movies, videos or TV
  • Study in a new location
  • Find a conversation partner
  • Learn English slang
  • Sing an English songs


  1. Add some music

Listening to music while study English can wake up our mind and put in a better mood. Happy songs can help feel re- energized and motivated if we are getting bored, while calming music can help feel more relaxed  if we are feeling nervous. The words of song can take our attention away from the English words that we are trying to learn.


  1. Play scrabble

Scrabble is classic board game in which players use random lettered tile to create words in crossword fashion. This is fantastic way to strengthen our English vocabulary. Playing this game challenges us to really think in English as we try to come up with different words with our set of letters.



  1. Learn with YouTube Channels, movies, videos or TV

* Not only does YouTube have funny entertainment but there are also some excellent resources for learning English.


* You can watch a movie while learning English, even better. To get started use this complete guide to learning English through movies and film.


* Videos can be challenging to understand at first, so start small. It’s recommended looking for 5 minutes long videos about topics you are interested in.


  1. Study in new location

Sitting in the same place, in the same room, every time you study can start to get boring very quickly.  You can try going to a library or coffee shop. The change of scenery will improve our enthusiasm, plus changing locations has been show to improve memory


  1. Find a conversation partner

Get more English conversation practice by searching for English friends online. You may be able to connect with another language learner in your area or even just exchange emails, instant messages or have Skype conversations in English. In language exchange you have conversation with an English speaker who is studying your native language.


  1. Learn English slang

One of the most fun parts about learning English is the slang. Slang is more informal and interesting, plus you will sound less robotic and have more of your own personality when using it.


  1. Sing an English songs

Learn a few English songs it might be interesting to finally learn the meaning of the lyrics to some of your favorite English songs. Both fluent and lyrics training are great online platforms to learn the lyrics to your favorite English song. You can sing at home while you are cooking. Singing English songs is a great way to practice speaking and intonation, plus you can have fun singing songs that you already know and enjoy






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